The first thing to focus on before one starts asking questions is knowing the status of one’s eye health. This article is for those that have undergone or will undergo a series of tests to know if they are battling cataracts or not. Don’t be deceived by people’s perspectives, and you now sit back to assume that you’ll need to undergo cataract surgery without being diagnosed with a cataract.

Let us hit the nail on the head by informing you that the only perfect way to restore your sight once you’re diagnosed with a cataract is to undergo cataract eye surgery. We believe this point we just said is an answer to a question in your mind. There’s no other perfect way to overcome a cataract except by undergoing cataract surgery. Hence, this should not get you scared. This surgery is simple, and you’ll be okay; so far, you’re ready to allow a competent surgeon to handle that part for you. For clarity, we need to explain briefly what cataract means and what cataract surgery entails. 

This article is strictly meant for people that have undergone a series of tests and have been told they are battling cataracts. It is usual for you to start nursing some inner feelings about how to remove the cataract in your eye. And these inner feelings might be in the form of questions. There’s no cause for alarm. We are here to provide adequate answers to the complex flow running through your mind. 

Frequently asked questions on how to remove cataracts

What is a cataract?

The moment you’re seeing some difficulties in your eyes, there should be a cause for alarm. The common signs that one may be battling cataracts are glare of light, if you find it so hard to see at night, inability to read, and astigmatism. A cataract occurs when there is a problem in the cloudy zone of the eye. So, cataract begins when the protein in the eye starts to accumulate clumps that can affect the lens from transferring clear images to the retina. Once the lens is affected from transporting images to the retina, one will begin to see some of the symptoms listed above. A cataract does not occur suddenly. It does happen bit by bit, and one needs to rise and do the needful before things get worse. 

What is cataract surgery?

Cataract surgery is the most successful way of treating cataracts. The fact remains that cataract occurs when the natural lens is faulty or damaged. So, once the natural lens is affected, there’s no other way to treat it than to restore the natural lens with an artificial one. And that’s the procedure in cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is the process that involves bringing out the faulty natural lens and replacing it with an artificial one. The natural lens cannot be repaired. Once it is defective, one can only replace it with an artificial one. 

When can I treat cataracts?

There’s no particular time to treat cataracts. Once you’ve been diagnosed with a cataract, you don’t need to wait for a specific time to come before you do the needful. So, if you’ve been feeling some strange things in your eye and your eye doctor has already informed you that you’ll undergo cataract surgery, nothing should keep you waiting. We’ve heard some people saying that you need to allow the cataract to grow to some level before treating it. That fact is not valid. Please don’t run with people’s ideologies or perspectives. You don’t have a business with someone’s view about eye health. You need to visit an eye clinic, see medical personnel and follow the instructions. 

Frequently asked questions on how to remove cataracts

How long will I stay in the theatre room during cataract surgery?

This procedure doesn’t take much time. Of course, it depends on how competent and fast the ophthalmologist is. But typically, this procedure should only take twenty minutes. It is a simple process if a qualified surgeon is the one handling your eye. However, it is expedient for you to know that you ought to be in the clinic at least one hour before the time of the surgery. So, if we add up the time you’ll need to rest after the surgery, you should be done within three hours. If you spend more than three hours for the whole process, there may be complications during the process that your surgeon must take time to treat. 

Is cataract surgery painful?

From our research, we can boldly tell you that you can’t feel any pain during this procedure. We gathered information from people that had undergone this process. They all said the same thing. You’ll be given a sedative. So, the sedative will calm your nerves. Hence, you won’t feel any pain when the process is on. 

Will I use eyeglasses after the surgery?

The answer to this concern depends on the instruction given to you by your eye doctor. Some people need to put on eyeglasses for some time after the process, while others are advised not to use eyeglasses. Therefore, your eye doctor will instruct you on what to do. We also believe that using eyeglasses after the surgery depends on the outcome of the surgery. If the surgery is perfect, you might not need to put on eyeglasses. But if there are complications, your doctor might instruct you to wear eyeglasses to reduce the risk of undergoing surgery again.

Are there dos and don’ts after the surgery?

Yes! There are dos and don’ts. That is why you must communicate effectively with your eye doctor or surgeon. Of course, there are some things you need to do after the surgery, and there are things you must avoid. For instance, you need to avoid placing your eyes on the light, avoid swimming after the surgery and stay away from lifting heavy objects. Please listen to your doctor. 


Dear reader, this article is meant to ease your worries and anxieties. And we hope you’ve seen something educative here. However, this article needs to go beyond here. Please share with family and friends. Finally, if you have something to contribute regarding this topic, please share! 

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